Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business & Security

AI is changing every aspect of our life and economy. The 2nd Level Master in AI for Business & Security (MAIBS), organized by the University of Tuscia and Datrix Group, is an interdisciplinary master that aims to train the technical and managerial figures of the future.

Online Classes + Internship

Take lessons whenever you want, start practicing right away

8 months of Training

500h of training and internship with partner companies

2nd Level Degree Master

Recognized master, for master graduates in STEM disciplines

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An innovative program

Digital Transformation in Business Organizations

From digitization to lean and smart production: in this module we go into the role that artificial intelligence plays in organizations.

Data Modeling, Big Data Analysis and Tools

A dedicated database structuring module (with focus on Google technologies at Amazon) and data extraction through web scraping and APIs.

Machine Learning

We enter the heart of the course: from the theory of learning to the development of the first supervised and unsupervised models, to the analysis of historical series and feature selection.

Deep Learning

We deepen the use of deep neural networks, using Tensorflow and Keras to develop RNNs, CNNs, and GANs and solve classification and prediction tasks in different application areas.

Natural Language Processing

A particular focus on the analysis of language and sequence data: we will analyze the main NLP techniques, starting from the classic TF-IDF and arriving at models that use word embedding and the mechanism of attention.

Risks, Privacy, and Ethics

When you want to process data and make decisions based on it, it is good to take into account some fundamentals of data governance. We will explore legal issues such as GDPR and some specific applications in cybersecurity and reputation.

Challenges and risks of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has some delicate challenges still open: the generation of communication bubbles, the use of AI-assisted fakes, and the generation of deep fake video. All challenges to be prepared for in risk prevention.

Machine Learning Applications

Partner companies will present and work on practical application cases: fraud detection, churn prediction, anomaly detection, analysis of alternative data for financial markets, energy forecasting.

Start learning today at Unitus

The University of Tuscia was founded in 1979 and quickly developed into what it is today: the hub of culture and learning in the northernmost province of Lazio, in the heart of Italy, offering courses suited to the requirements of local, national and international students.

6 Good Reasons Why Study AI at MAIBS

A fast growing industry

International trends show that companies are looking with interest at investments in Artificial Intelligence but more than half of them do not have the necessary skills. The Master, designed together with companies, aims to reduce this gap.

T-shaped skillset

In order to be agents of change within companies it is necessary to know both technical and business aspects at the same time. The Master is designed to give a strong technical basis combined with solid business application skills.


Teaching Methodology

Theoretical knowledge is not enough: the 500 hours of training are designed to provide practical skills through an immediate application of the concepts acquired through frontal lessons, through practical projects and code review.

A recognized title

The MAIBS Master is provided by the University of Tuscia and is configured as a Level II Master, dedicated to master graduates. A true academic title, in addition to high-value training.

Theory + practice

Starting from the second month of activity, students are introduced to training internships in partner companies, in order to immediately put into practice on real projects the skills learned within the Master.

Scholarships and placement

The partner companies have provided 4 full scholarships for the most deserving candidates. Placement service is provided for all students.

Teaching Methodology

The partnership between the University of Tuscia and Datrix S.p.A. has led to the development of a unique training path: 500h of training delivered on Fridays and Saturdays in blended mode (you can follow the course from wherever you want, online or in the classroom) flanked by a curricular internship in the company that allows you to immediately apply the skills acquired in the classroom. Each partner company agrees with the University on an internship program consistent with the Master and the practical activities in the classroom are calibrated in order to optimize the result of the synergy between the classroom and the company.

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